IEEE 2024 ICHMS and/or IDEaS Registration Link (

Register before 8th February 2024 for early bird discount

Registration Fees (in US dollars excluding 3% Banking Process Fee)

ICHMS (15-17 May 2024)IDEaS Symposium (15 May 2024)
Member CategoriesEarly BirdLateEarly BirdLate
IEEE Member$780$880$250$350
SMC Member$750$850$250$350
Non-IEEE/SMC Member$850$950$250$350
Student*: A student paper needs to complete a non-student full registration first to be eligible for the Best Student Paper Award, and any other student co-author can register after entering their Registration Code under Student- Author registration category through the Registration link above. The Code will be sent by email upon completing the full registration for your paper. A non-author student can complete the registration with the student rate listed above under Attendees (Non-Authors/Co-Authors) registration category through the Registration link above.

Other attendees (non-author or co-author for a paper that has been registered by any other co-author) pay registration with a $100 discount based on the member categories above. Another $100 discount applies for non-student attendees if the attendee registers for both events: ICHMS 2024 and IDEaS Symposium 2024.

Registration for both ICHMS 2024 and IDEaS Symposium 2024 get a $100 deduction from total fees. Registration Fees for the IDEaS Symposium can be partially waived for members in military services upon the request and approval by the General Chairs of the Symposium.

The ICHMS full registration includes admissions to all conference sessions, proceedings, reception, banquet, breakfast, lunch, and two coffee breaks each day 15th-17th May 2024. The IDEaS Symposium full registration includes admissions to all Symposium sessions, breakfast, lunch, two coffee breaks, and reception on the 15th of May 2024.

Travel and health considerations may prevent in-person author attendance. Authors with such restrictions must email the registration chair Professor Ervin Sejdic at with the details of their restrictions to be approved for pre-recorded video presentations of their papers. Once approved, authors need to inform Online and Technical Support Chair Mr. Andrew Veinot at for further technical requirements. In-person and virtual attendance pay the same registration fee.

Registration Fee Information

  • Each paper requires at least one full (non-student) registration. 
  • Registration covers the inclusion of one paper in the proceedings.
  • Up to one additional paper per author with full registration (non-student) is allowed. Each additional paper requires additional payment of $450.
  • Extra paper pages, up to two pages, pay $100 per page.
  • Additional Reception tickets, up to two tickets, can be purchased for $100 each. 
  • Additional Banquet tickets, up to two tickets, can be purchased for $200 each.

Student Registration Information

Students must provide one of the following information during registration:

  • A copy of a current IEEE student membership card, or
  • A valid student card, or
  • A letter from the student’s institution on a university letterhead stating that the student is pursuing a degree at least half-time.

Invitation Letter

Participants are requested to familiarize themselves with their own applicable visa requirements well in advance of the conference. Present worldwide security regulations generally result in more stringent visa requirements and associated longer visa processing time. The conference organizers cannot intervene with embassies or consulates on behalf of any participant.

Letters will be only given to individuals with an accepted paper and that have paid the full registration fee.

In order to obtain a letter of invitation for visa purposes, you must have an accepted paper and a full registration for the conference first, then please contact the registration chair, Professor Ervin Sejdic at